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I really could not ask for more. Everyone I spoke to was courteous and knowledgeable. The inspection was prompt as promised. Flaws on the vehicle were meticulously documented and photographed (about 80 pictures). This is what you should want to see in order to make an informed decision. After I read the full report I had no questions about the vehicle I was buying. Thank you much. 
flag Victor Gentile - New Jersey, USA

I am very pleased with your recent inspection report on the 1956 Ford Victoria. I was impressed by the thoroughness of the report and the number of pictures; it was very helpful in making my decision to purchase the vehicle and certainly provided a peace of mind that was worth the cost. My complements to your inspector and I will certainly use your services for any future purchases. Thank you. 
flag Tom Floyd - Tennessee, USA

Dear Sirs, As a collector of US-Classic cars who lives in Switzerland it is almost impossible for me to personally check and test-drive an interesting car. So I decided to ask Automobile Inspection LLC to examine a particular car for me. The report I got was very detailed and gave me a clear impression of this car. It made it easy for me to make my decision. I am personally convinced that this report is worth every $ and can help me a lot to find a dream car or to prevent one from an expensive disappointment. I will profit again from this service by the next opportunity. Thank you and best regards! 
flag Marco Hausamann – SWITZERLAND

Please accept my short testimonial as follows: You guys do great work. I have utilized your services on many occasions and will continue to do so. I chose not to purchase this subject vehicle, due to some issues that arose during the inspection for which the seller seemed to be unaware of... I've learned the hard way, regarding the importance of hiring a professional inspector prior to purchasing a classic car.... There ought to be a brotherhood amongst us car guys (and gals), yet some people still seem misrepresent the vehicle to make money.... Thanks again. 
flag Brian Wetzel - Nevada USA

I live in Canada so it is difficult to view cars that are for sale in the U.S. - I found Automobile Inspections on the internet. The response and communication were excellent and the final report was even more impressive! I was buying a 1962 car so expected some issues, but the problems that were uncovered by the inspection prevented me from buying something I would have truly regretted. It was money well spent. I was totally happy with the service and results and I will not buy another car without the help of Automobile Inspections. 
flag Brian Petts -  Ontario, CANADA

I want to thank you for saving me thousands of dollars with your complete inspection work. I had you inspect two vehicles, both across the country from my home. In both cases the pictures sent by the seller made the cars look like a million. However, when your inspectors peeled back the layers they found the not so visible expenses to make the cars "right". While I had considerable money invested in the inspections, you literally saved me $15,000. Your staffs were very complete and your inspection report was extremely thorough. One of the best parts of the report was the pictures. The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is certainly true when you are trying to purchase a classic. The pictures told the story that helped me make my final decision. Thank you again for your professional and courteous services. 
flag David Vancil - Oregon USA

I live in Australia and was not sure what to do in order to buy my dream car in the USA. I called automobile inspections after I found a car I was interested in. Not only did they inspect the car and give me a detailed report with photos but they were able to organize delivery to the port and payment of the car when it was picked up from the owner. Should I have required them too I would have had no reservations in asking them to have it shipped to Australia for me. Their service saved me money and gave me security in my purchase. I was to buy another car I would not hesitate to use their service again. 
flag Ralph Blefari – AUSTRALIA

Dear Automobile Inspections Inc., You recently inspected a 1968 Buick GS 400 Convertible for me in Cleveland, MS. I cannot convey properly how pleased I was with the service, report details and most importantly the vehicle. Your report was conservative compared to my perception of how nice the car really is - so I am far from disappointed. I would recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone trying to purchase a car that is too far away for them to see themselves. It is due companies like yourselves that allows for this crazy hobby of antique and classic cars to be more readily enjoyed and more importantly, it keeps a buyer secure from scam artists trying to pass off a car as something it is not. I will definitely look forward using your services in the future. Thanks again. 
flag Michael Gershon - New York USA

Très complet,illustré de plus de 120 photos et rédigé sans doute en toute impartialité ce rapport m'a été très utile pour arrêter ma décision.Il a révélé de nombreux points négatifs non signalés dans l'annonce de vente. Quand on sait que tout vendeur a tendance plus ou moins à embellir son article, cette inspection est indispensable quand on ne peut voir soi-même le véhicule. Je n'hésiterai pas un seul instant à recourir à vos services et probablement le jour où j'aurai trouvé la voiture de mes rêves, à vous confier la charge de négocier et de s'occuper de toutes les formalités administratives liées à la vente et à l'expédition du véhicule . Excellente communication Je vous accorde toute ma confiance. 
flag Patrick Walter – FRANCE

These gave me a real good insight into the condition of the vehicle I was buying. The turnaround time from making the booking to receiving the report was just 3 days! Luckily for me, the seller is a real honest guy, and that helped loads, but I cannot stress enough the value of the report I received from "Automobile Inspections LLC". It even told me detailed things about the vehicle that it would have been difficult for me to pick up without carrying all the tools and equipment from the UK (fat chance). Simply put, these guys do a great job. They are fast, efficient, and real helpful. If you're contemplating a purchase of your dream and it is at a distance from where you are based, I really recommend these guys. They have first rate operatives in more states than you could shake a stick at and they're at the end of the phone line, or your broadband/ADSL/Internet connection. Happy hunting. 
flag Steve Jennings – GREAT BRITAIN

Thank you for providing such a fantastic service. I can't begin to express how impressed I am with the professionalism and timeliness of your entire process. The small fee you charge for your service is worth every penny. You saved me from making a HUGE MISTAKE had I purchased the car in question based solely on the information provided by the seller. 
flag Joe Enzinna - New York USA

Dear friends, Thank you so very much for the wonderful services you provide. I recently had three vehicles appraised by your service and boy am I glad I did so. None of the vehicles were advertised honestly or key information was left out. While it is hard to put a value on custom work or the work that goes into street rods, your services helped me gain a better understanding of what I would be purchasing. As a contractor overseas, I don't have the ability to view the vehicles I would want to purchase. I did not purchase any of the three vehicles I had appraised, but I did save tens of thousands of dollars on over-priced vehicles. I have used your service a total of four times and would gladly use again for any vehicle I would consider purchasing. Your brutally honest assessments and dozens of photos give the perspective buyer an exact idea on not only overall visual condition, but overall mechanical condition. All guess work is removed after receiving one of your appraisals. Thank you again for keeping me from making three mistakes. Until next time! 
flag Lee Heinrich – Pennsylvania, USA

I've used Automobile Inspections on four occasions in the past. Their inspections have prevented me from buying some real dogs. I bought my last collector car based on their inspection. They're fast and thorough. They are expensive, but you get what you pay for. If you can't be there to look at the car yourself, Automobile Inspections will act on your behalf. 
flag Gwen Beter – Alberta, CANADA

Thanks not only for the prompt service, but also for the detail the inspector went to in order to give me a complete report on this car. Thanks to that report I learned several things that were not disclosed on the seller's part. Additionally, the Inspector's value rating of the car was a very big help and well worth the extra 25.00 cost. Regardless of whether or not my bid is accepted, I want to again thank your company for the service provided. I will definitely recommend you to any and all people I know who will be in need of this type of service. 
flag Bob Evans – California, USA

Hi from Germany! Last week I saw my `63 Mercury Colony Park for the first time. Of course, it has the typical condition for a well maintained but unrestored vehicle of that age and that price, which was exactly the condition report you'd provided for me described. This is important to note because these cars always look better in pictures than they actually are. So the report really helped me to make the decision whether to purchase the car or not. Some additional scratches that were obviously caused by the shipping company during transport from California to Rotterdam harbor were found, but that was not your responsibility. All in all, I'm really glad and satisfied with the car!! I am also satisfied with the professionalism of your work. I still can't believe that with your help everything could be managed just using the internet + fax. Of course it's your business, but I also want to thank you!! 
flag Dr. Med. J.Andreas Larsen – GERMANY

I am located overseas and was looking to add a car to my collection. Thanks to your great inspection process, and detailed report with very clear pictures, you saved me from making a very expensive mistake. The quality of the assessment and the objectiveness of the report was amazing. I have already requested another inspection on my second alternative and I am now very confident that your report will give me very trustworthy tools to make an informed and conscious decision. 
flag Thanks very much. Daniel Silberman - Santiago, CHILE

The inspection process went as smoothly as claimed. What I was really impressed with was that Jeff spent additional time with me discussing exactly what I was looking to get out of purchasing my classic car. After the inspection was complete, in our discussions, I did not feel that he was trying to rush me off of the phone but rather I felt that he really had my best interest in mind in providing a very candid, UNEMOTIONAL, experienced second opinion on the value of the car. He provided great insight into what I should really be looking for as well as realistic purchase prices for such cars. The information he provided was worth more to me than the Inspection itself. Quality client service. A+. 
flag Aaron Nakahara – California, USA

Thanks for good service and fast answers. The last car I ordered an inspection for was really professional. They wanted to sell a car for $7000 and I learned that the car was a mess and probably worth around $2000. So I have saved $5000 and not lose $379. Nice pictures and a nice inspection report. Big thanks! I have recommended you to lot of people and on classic cars sites in Sweden and I think many people will use your service. Best Regards 
flag Stephan Andreasson – SWEDEN

Thank you very much for the service. I have now finally been able to make the decision to buy my dream car to import from the States all the way to Iceland. I waited for weeks for another service to get to contact the seller but then I contacted you and within three days I had all the information I needed to commit to this sale. Two thumbs up for quality and quick response! 
Gunnar M. Ólafsson  - ICELAND

I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for all your help and advice. The inspection you provided was extremely accurate and professional. The report was full of detail information, not bias in anyway, and PLENTY OF PICTURES! The most impressive and helpful part was when you took the time to call me back on the phone and addressed all my concerns about the car, not just once, but several times. I highly recommend this service to anyone who needs to have a car inspected long - distance, as in my case, or for some people a lack of technical knowhow. The price of the report was less than the plane fare I would have had to pay to inspect the car myself! Great service! Great product! Thanks again. 
flag Raleigh Lim - Virginia, USA

Dear Automobile Inspections, I can only offer my sincere thanks for your quick, thorough, and professional service. Buying a car from a distant location is act of faith for the buyer, considering the amount of money to be transferred sight unseen. Your service team, both on the ground and those that I interacted with over the phone, were exceptional. I am VERY impressed with this service, which for the cost proved well worth it. I will employ your services as I continue to search for the classic car I desire. I look forward to dealing with you in the future and you have my recommendation. Please feel free to use me as a reference if any of your clients would like to contact someone prior to commissioning your service. Kindest regards. 
flag Adrian Ally. British Columbia, Canada  

Thank you all very much for such a fine and professional effort. Having reviewed the report in its entirety plus had a conversation with Jeff, I feel I definitely got my money's worth from this experience and would recommend it to others. Sincere thanks. 
flag Bruce Valley -  VA USA

I surfed the net and took a chance on you guys--how fortunate I was! Everyone, from the conversation with the initial contact to the conversation after the inspection was super responsive and totally professional. I am an informed fanatic on cars, and your inspector exceeded even me! I saved a bundle by NOT purchasing what appeared to be a great car. He even emailed me over TWO HUNDRED photos. I'll be doing business with Automotive Inspections again without a doubt.
flag William Runyan – Colorado, USA

Dear Automobile Inspections. I am a returning customer that thankfully decided to use your services again. The process from the start is pleasant, user friendly and clear. I received the report within the time suggested time-frame and a detailed email explaining what you felt car was worth. (It was an extra fee albeit highly recommended) This report helped me get the true facts of what I saw on the internet~ It was better than seeing it myself as I am far from an expert. I shared the report's findings with people that know a lot more about cars than I do. Quoting one colleague's words "Jonathan I don't know what you paid for this report but it's worth it, I'm impressed!" The seller has agreed to knock off a decent amount of money for the car given the fact we both know it isn't a "recently restored example, blah blah blah". Please send me the email of the inspector as I'd like to personally thank him! Regards,  
flag Jonathan Fischer – Monte Carlo, MONACO

Thank you very much for an excellent inspection, buying a car from another country is a difficult process but your inspection has taken a lot of the worry out of this process for me, I especially liked the opportunity to have a couple of online chats with your staff who answered all my questions on the spot before I put the order in, a very professional company. Please thank your inspector in Kansas City for me, he has taken all the photos of specific items that I requested and has obviously taken the time needed to do the inspection in great detail. I would not consider using anyone else in any future transactions. Best regards 
flag Steve Hall – AUSTRALIA

Hats off to you guys!!! You saved me from a situation that I did not need to get into. I personally want to thank you for sending out the local inspector (I wish I knew his name, but I want to personally thank him, too!). He took many detailed photos that particularly focused on the troubled areas on the Mustang that concerned me. I really needed this true professional objectivity as an unsuspecting buyer with a lot of money to lose on a car that was "perfect" according to the seller. I chose to not buy the car, but you know, I'm happy with this decision. I don't want to be a statistic on tragic car deals. That's why I'm trusting Automobile Inspections LLC! Thank you.
flag Victor Hsiao – TX, USA

Hello, I'm a private collector from Israel and I have bought about 30 cars from both private sellers and dealers in the US. The biggest problem of buying a car long-distance is that I can't see the car in person. In the past I have used a few other inspection companies but since the first time I used Automobile Inspections LLC I saw a real difference in the reports. You get a report that truly shows you the cars condition from A to Z. They also take the time to talk to you on the phone like a friend, not formal like other companies, where you get the feeling that they just want your money and after the service is done, don't even want to hear from you again. I find Automobile Inspections to be great people, willing to do everything they can so that the customer will be happy. If anyone wants to contact me with questions about them, please do so anytime. Thanks 
flag Ilan Zeglebom – ISRAEL

Before ordering the inspection, I was ready to cut a check for over $33,000 to purchase what I thought was a 9 / 10 quality car. Based on the seller's pictures I had seen and the description provided, I was sure this was THE CAR for me. Knowing very little about what to look for mechanically or structurally and seeing that this was a 1937 Cadillac LaSalle Resto-Rod, I hired Automobile Inspections LLC to inspect the car. What I learned was that I was about to make a major mistake if I had proceeded with the purchase as issues were uncovered that were not presented in the sellers information. I am VERY satisfied with your company and will not make a future purchase of a collector car without your inspection. You saved me 1000's of dollars by uncovering the truth of the car and saved me from a serious investment mistake .... THANK YOU ...THANK YOU! 
flag Brian Denson – South Carolina, USA

Thank you very much for the completed report. Based on the valuable information provided from a firsthand view of the car by an informed and qualified inspection agent, it gives me ample information to make a decision to proceed with a purchase or not. The report format was excellent and highly informative. The detail you provided helped me clearly make a decision not to proceed with the sale. The car was not as advertised and would need a great deal of work to make it right. As well at the price point the car was being offered at, it is not at all in line with overall condition. The pictures the seller offered, presented a very favorable views of the car which were not in line with the third party pics I received from Automobile Inspections LLC. I clearly would have spent a great deal more to fly in myself to view the car only to be majorly disappointed with what I found. I would not hesitate to use your service again in the near future as my search for this vehicle and others will continue. I feel the inspection fees are well warranted. Best Regards. 
flag Kevin King, Mulsanne Motorcar Company - Calgary, Canada

I am very satisfied with the job Automobile Inspections did for me upon inspection of the 1955 MG TF 1500 in Florida. Special thanks to the Florida inspector for 170 good photos and Report Summary, he did an excellent job. The result of inspection for my part was a price cut from the seller, which far exceeded the inspection fee paid by me. The best thing was that a competent person looked at the ca, test drove it and gave his honest recommendations. Regards 
flag Fridtjof Nafstad – NORWAY

I want to thank you for the services you provided in inspecting the1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88 I was interested in buying. After talking to the dealer selling the vehicle I was very interested/excited in purchasing it. However since I live in Connecticut and the car was located in Florida I had reservations because I could not see it for myself. Obtaining your services was the best money I could have spent. Your very detailed report along with the numerous pictures enabled me to determine the extent to which the dealer had mislead me as to the true condition of the vehicle both cosmetically and mechanically. You have saved me from a very costly mistake. I will defiantly be using your services again in the future and I have absolutely no reservation recommending your services to anyone I know who will be in a similar situation!!!!!! Once again thank you for all you hard work. Sincerely. 
flag Brett A. Bechtel – Connecticut, USA

Hello I have checked preliminary report and it gives me clear information about the condition of the car. I think the owner is very strange because he told me that eBay photos are real and then later he sent me pictures which were very different (corrosion etc.). I need car which will not need repair and this one will need repairs for sure. I will not be buying this car. I would like to thank you for your very good information about car. I am sure that your services are very professional and 100% represent buyer's interest. It confirms that I have made very good choice using your company. Best regards 
flag Dariusz Sawicki – POLAND

Last week I had Automobile Inspections check out a 1978 Lincoln Mark V for me that I saw on eBay. It was the best $400 I've spent - almost 100 photos, a very detailed report and check sheet that has saved me a lot of money. I would not hesitate in utilizing their services again and thoroughly recommend them to anyone wanting to buy a car long-distance. Cheers. 
flag Craig Barr. – NEW ZEALAND

Thank you very much for the extensive report. I want to commend you for the outstanding service your organization has shown in taking care of this inspection promptly and thoroughly. From the beginning customer service, to the final product, I have been truly impressed by the professionalism, responsiveness, and courtesy shown by your staff. The report is very comprehensive, more than I anticipated, and the plethora of supporting photographs adds the visual detail to the written review. While, the car did not turn out as I had hoped, your inspection saved me from making a potentially costly mistake. Look for me to contact you again when I find the next "gem". Thank you. 
flag Al Slayton – California, USA

Dear All, thanks for a superb, detailed and most diligent report. You have my highest praise and that is a rare commodity around here. Your inspector from Yakima did an excellent job of inspection the MKI Jaguar and please thank him on my behalf. Please know that you have all my future inspection business and I only wish that I had learned of you before I bought some earlier cars of mine. Please use this testimonial as you see fit. Your work avoided an expensive mistake and I am sincerely grateful. Thank you and congratulations on a great service! 
flag Derek Yates – California, USA

I would like to thank you very much for supporting me with your very professional work. I never expected to get over one hundred photos of the car in which every flaw was documented and additional described. The report gave me a good overview of the complete condition of the car. Without your very good work I wouldn't have been able to decide whether I should buy this car or not. Thank you very much. Some short words for the next clients: If you need to get good information in order to make a decision about buying a particular car, simply go to and place your order! Best regards from Germany. 
flag Markus Tripp. – GERMANY

The services performed were exactly as stated and the inspection was performed the very next day. Impressive to say the least is the detailed report and the extensive use of digital pictures. It was easy to make a decision to pursue this car based on the report plus a history report. Definitely worth every penny. These guys made it happen. Living at a distance away from a vehicle sometimes makes it expensive to travel to look a something you like. This service is cost effective and time saving. I have heard from others that this organization is very good at what they do and do what they say
flag Rob Davidson – British Columbia, CANADA

Automobile Inspections asked us to give our candid opinion about the inspections you did on our cars, Porsche 356 Speedster, convertible, built in 1957 and the Porsche 911 Turbo (930), convertible, built in 1989. The way we could get in touch with you, through internet and the fast way we got in contact with the inspector to visit us, at home, was a big surprise for us. The service was excellent. Further we can tell you that we got the impression you take your work more than seriously, a real professional organization. To be able to talk to you about the cars and being guided and helped so well is extraordinary for us. To be honest, we don't have nearly a service in Europe as you showed us through the company Automobile Inspections. We thank you very much we are more than satisfied with your services. 
flag Marceline and Dr. Heinz-Dieter Machaczek – Florida, USA

I am considering buying and importing a veteran car (roadster) from the US. I live however "on the other side of the earth" – in Norway and hence cannot afford to personally inspect the cars I am considering. I ordered a "Blue report" from Automobile Inspections on one particular car and the report gave me very valuable information on the car. I found this to be very useful as it gave me more solid information on which to base my decisions. Automobile Inspections LLC acted very professionally throughout the entire process and I highly recommend their services to any potential long-distance car buyer. 
flag Bjørnar Johansen - Narvik NORWAY

I live in Costa Rica and couldn't be there to see the car myself, so I sent Automobile Inspections LLC to inspect it for me, and am I glad I did. From the beginning of the negotiations with the seller, to the closing of the deal, they were an indispensable asset that saved me thousands. I suggest their services to anyone whether you are able to see the car yourself or not. Their expertise and knowledge of the market alone is worth its weight in gold. 
flag Mike McGinnis Jr – COSTA RICA

Excellent customer service and professional advice! This is a top notch service that saved me thousands of dollars. Their trained technician was able to point out the obvious as well as not so obvious flaws. I was given EXPERT advice even before I spent one dime for an inspection! They answered all my questions and promptly returned my phone calls. I will be using this service again and recommending it to others as well. Thank you. 
flag Steven Jackson II – California, USA

Thank you ever so much from the top (or the bottom) of my wallet! The owner of the establishment told me that the hearse was in "perfect condition". Thanks to you and your crew I now know that this is not the case. I don't know how to say it any different than I already have. Calling you was the best decision I made all week because I saved a ton of money and found a group of professionals I can count on. P.S. I will not lose your number and will definitely use your firm in the future. Thanks again. 
flag Larry R. Andringa – Iowa, USA  

Hi, Just a short email to thank you very much for the excellent service you provided for me with the Jaguar inspection in Atlanta. It only seemed like minutes after I contacted you that the seller informed me that you had been in touch and arranged a date/time for the inspection. This was carried out efficiently and a full report was on my email the following day. As a buyer from the UK it is comforting to know that I can fully trust a company 5000 miles away to complete a task in such a professional manner. I would not hesitate to use your services again. Warmest thanks. 
flag Martin Oldfield – GREAT BRITAIN

I have received in full your very comprehensive and professional report on the 1969 Shelby De Mexico which you inspected in Sharon CT. USA. I was very impressed with the layout, and the inspection sheet definitely covers all angles, also the objectivity is such that one can make a good judgment call on whether to purchase or not. I would definitely recommend your services to anyone looking to purchase a used vehicle and of course especially for anyone in the same position as myself buying long distance (I'm in South Africa!). By using your services one can avoid the definite "no-no" of buying "sight unseen". I have put in an offer for this vehicle, so we shall see what the outcome will be. Once again, thanks, Best regards 
flag Peter Bakken – SOUTH AFRICA

Thanks so much for the vehicle inspection report! As a testimonial I would like to advise people reading this that, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!" I had tried another inspection service on another vehicle, and let me say this," they did not deliver". the other inspection service left me and the dealership hanging without even contacting the dealership to arrange and inspection. Now for Automobile Inspections, LLC. They are professional, courteous and concerned about my welfare, and the vehicle I was thinking about purchasing. These folks worked hard for me sending their inspector out in bad weather to deal with a seller that was less than reputable. I spent more with these folks, but let me tell you "they earned their money", and saved me a bundle! The car in question turned out to be a nightmare, and was worth below half of what the seller wanted. I will use this company again, and encourage others to do the same! My hat is off to you folks, and I appreciate the due diligence you gave this project. Your new friend. 
flag Mark Jarvis – California, USA

Your company did a car inspection for my husband Roy and I in Laval, Quebec about 3 weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that we bought the car. I flew out to Montreal last week, picked the car up and took 5 days to drive 2500 miles home. Your inspection was very accurate and if anything, understated the excellent condition we found the car to be in. You provided great attention and service to us, the customer. Job well done! Thanks for your help; you helped us find just the right car for us many, many miles away! Regards. 
flag Kathleen Graves  - Calgary, Alberta CANADA

I had long longed for a 2004 Commemorative Edition Corvette coupe, but I waited too long to start my search for a brand new one... they were all gone. Then, fortuitously, I found a next-to-new one at a Chevrolet dealer in Oklahoma, which not so fortuitously is more than 900 miles away from me. With no time and no intention to go to Oklahoma, not even for this car, I remembered an inspection resource, Automobile Inspections, LLC, that I had seen on the VetteFinders website. I contacted them and arranged for them go to the dealership in Oklahoma to check this car out for me. On the same day that the inspection was done, I received a 6-page itemized report reflecting the quantified results of a bumper-to-bumper, door-to-door, tire to roof panel, inside/outside/underneath scrutinizing of what will soon be my new car. Accompanying the text report were four dozen photos taken by the inspector. Their feedback was very thorough, very easy to understand and instrumental in my decision to proceed with buying this car. I have never before purchased a car remotely and even though this car was located at a factory dealer (and a Chevy dealer to boot) and even though it had a perfect Carfax report, there is just no substitute for a full-sensory assessment. I know of no other way to do such an assessment than in-person, and Automobile Inspections got it done for me and gave me the peace-of-mind to go ahead with the deal. I can't wait to drive this beautiful blue car around our neighborhood and watch the neighbors drool. 
flag John Owens – North Carolina, USA

Gentlemen, Many thanks for your rapid inspection and commentary about my pending purchase of a classic Ferrari. Although this car looked like a world beater from across the room, after your inspection the really potentially ugly problems reared their head. Needless to say, I did not purchase this vehicle, thereby saving myself many dollars. After discussing the photos and text of the report with my local mechanic, we concluded it would be thousands of dollar to make the vehicle A-OK. Thanks again for your prompt work. I will certainly call you again when I find another vehicle that "looks good". Sincerely. 
flag Laurence A. Chapman – Arizona, USA

Dear Sirs, This is for the first time I decided to involve a third party to help me buying an old-timer in the USA. The reason was to have a car inspected which was offered for sale on the Ebay auction . It seemed to be a high quality car with subsequently a high amount of money involved, I therefore did not want to take the risk to buy it unseen. I had noticed the advertisement for Automobile Inspections, linked on the N.A.D.A. page, which is well known by many vintage car collectors. After an easy and clear process, the order was given to inspect the car. Because of the limited time before the auction ended, the inspection had to be done around the New Year period. They managed to have the full report well in time for me to start the bidding process on Ebay. The report itself covered all the important data you would like to know and even things you don't think of yourself. Therefore I could easily make up my mind as to what amount to comfortably bid. I won the auction with close competition because the report gave me an edge. Now I am the proud owner of a unique prize winning 50's American beauty! Thanks for your excellent role in this case and I can only say it was worth all of it. 
flag Art van der Put. – THE NETHERLANDS

Automobile Inspections were courteous and prompt. They did not "definite maybe" me if they could get the job done or not. They were going to inspect this 1970 Plymouth Superbird in a very tough geographical location for most in the dead of winter, but made a great effort to get it done for me and as soon as possible. Other companies that I had used in the past gave up on this inspection. Automobile Inspections did not. They made it happen. The inspector treated my seller with professionalism and did not create animosity which can happen when ones goods are critiqued by others. Automobile Inspections asked me what I wanted to look for and no negatives came back other than what the seller told me plus a few "I forgots". Luckily my seller was honest to begin with. I would use this service again. Thank you. 
flag John Walters – Massachusetts, USA

As a follow up to your request for a testimonial, the following can be used. No smart businessman would go to court without a lawyer. Similarly, no smart car enthusiast should buy a Custom, Hot Rod or Exotic car without retaining the services of someone competent not only to inspect it but give then an opinion of value base upon current sales of similar cars. Automobile Inspections LLC were immediately responsive to my request for assistance when contacted on a Tuesday with a follow up inspection on Friday in the 'Boon-Docks' and a full report with photos in my hands Monday Morning. Thereafter, the following day I reviewed the report thoroughly and consulted with Jeff Webster (of Buyer Services International LLC) before making an informed decision on the amount to offer. Unequivocally, I would recommend their services to anyone who is looking at a car which is not located where that person lives. Sincerely. 
flag Stephen E. Silver Attorney at Law. Arizona, USA

I live in Texas and my son was very interested in a 30 year old British sports car for sale in California as his first car, I commissioned Automobile Inspections LLC to inspect the car. Within three days I received a comprehensive report along with detailed photographs showing all angles and covering all components. The report was extremely thorough, covered everything that my research told me could be a problem on this particular model and much much more. The photographs backed up all of the commentary. The staff were a pleasure to work with and went the extra mile in providing me with everything I needed to make a decision in complete confidence. The cost of the survey was very worthwhile; I not only had a great perspective on the market value of the car, but also some idea as to the cost of repairing both the mechanical issues and bodywork of the car. In light of this experience, whether I am looking at a second hand car nearby or one a long way away, I will use the company for my future needs. Thank you. 
flag Eddie Franco – Texas, USA

Dear Automobile Inspections I had a tremendous need to pay my gratitude. After only 15 seconds of viewing the changing pictures on my online report, I had made a decision. The inspection saved me from losing a lot of money! The seller was trying to defraud me but the report left no doubt about the true condition of the car. I'm prepared to say that this is one of the best services I have ever bought. In my case I avoided buying an American classic mid-fifties car that was not worth half the $50,000 asking price. I would never buy a car in a foreign country without an inspection - unless I personally knew the seller. Automobile Inspections, LLC provide a highly detailed report and excellent photos. I'm very satisfied. One more thing, it's actually possible to get in touch with REAL people at that company - that's an extra PLUS. Finally, let me say that before ordering the inspection service, I was considering if it could be worth what they charge? I thought, "If the report shows that the car is OK, I've would have wasted my money". Right now, having avoided making a serious mistake I'm thinking: "So what!" Thank you 
flag Jorgen Mogensen – DENMARK

Dear AI, I wanted to take a moment (since I like it when people tell ME when my company is doing a good job...) to write you in thanks for a very useful vehicle inspection report. The 1954 Chevy Panel Truck that we bought from a dealer in Chicago arrived and is an object of great excitement here at Purity. We are all eager to get it painted up in our logo and colors so that we can show off the truck, as well as our old time ice cream company! I found your company and service on the web as I was hunting for a vehicle. I had never purchased a vehicle over the internet and had never purchased anything that valuable without having actually touched it before handing over the cash. I was truly impressed with the amount of detail in your inspection report, its timeliness, and the interest on the part of your office staff in making sure I got more than I paid for! It worked out just that way. Your report was thorough, there was literally not a bit of the vehicle for which you did not provide a digital photo, and your caveats about buying a used vehicle were well taken by a relative neophyte like me. The value that I got from you was great and the customer service was impeccable. Thanks a ton and if you guys are ever out in the Finger Lakes of New York State, please stop in and eat some Purity Ice Cream with us! Just look for the cool old Chevy panel truck parked out front! Best Regards. 
flag Bruce R. Lane President Purity Ice Cream Company, Inc. – New York, USA

Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did for me with the 61 Vette! You went above and beyond not only to do the inspection promptly, but to get back to me with the results so fast. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a vehicle inspection whether it be a classic or not. After your inspection I almost feel as if I looked at the car myself. Please have Buyer Services International call me as soon as you can as I want their assistance in completing the deal! Sincerely 
flag Ty Truax – Utah, USA

Thank you very much for your excellent service and team effort to get me the best vehicle report in the business. You have saved me from making an expensive mistake and I will for sure never buy anything from this seller again. The quick reply and prompt delivery of the thorough and extensive report with detailed photos. And the extra effort from your inspector when he supplied info regarding the reasons for the system failure in the vehicle. I will for sure use your service again and recommend you and your company to everyone I know. Thank you very much for your time and effort !!! Best regards 
flag Sigfus Sverrisson. Reykjavik, ICELAND

Thank you for the inspection on the Porsche I am considering adding to my collection. Your report was received within 24 hours of my initial request and is the most thorough such report I have ever received. I have used other inspection services in the past, but thank goodness I discovered your company because I will never use another service again. Your amazing promptness and the unsurpassed attention to detail by your inspector cannot be matched by any other company. You certainly will receive all of my future business and your report and pictures are invaluable for anyone attempting to purchase a quality vehicle via the internet. Thanks again. 
flag Bill Pierce – Virginia, USA

I have used AI for three vehicle inspections, valued at well over $150,000. Each time, the crew has been brutally frank, honest, and correct in their assessment of each car. They let me know exactly what I was investing in and what problems to expect. In many ways, they take the emotions of the investment and let the buyer make a rational decision about an emotional purchase. You can haggle with confidence and end up with a great deal you feel GOOD about. It sweetens the pot! I probably saved $18,000 armed with the knowledge from my inspections. I recommend AI to all my friends and you can bet I'll use them for every purchase decision." Thank you again for your excellent service. 
flag Jim Beardsley – Nebraska, USA

I was extremely happy with the level of service from Automobile Inspections. I found them very knowledgeable and professional. Their inspection was thorough and made me feel totally comfortable with the car I was interested in buying even thought I didn't see it in person. They were more critical than I would have been if I had gone to see the car myself and that is important when deciding whether or not to make that big purchase. Their knowledge was also helpful for me to get a better understanding of the market value for the car I was looking at, because with classic cars looks can be deceiving. I ended up negotiating a price I felt comfortable with and purchased the car. They were definitely worth the investment. Thanks! 
flag Michael W. Beville -  Massachusetts, USA

Thank you for your report. To me the thoroughness of your inspection service is the benchmark for other inspection companies to reach. I learned a lot just seeing everything you covered. It was reassuring to see your inspector pick up on delicate issues such as vibrations and slight rough running of the engine. Plus, I have to commend you on the quality of the photographs. Great lighting and very clear. This inspection saved me from driving over 30 hours to see a car I might then have felt compelled to buy. Good value I'd say, I will have no hesitation calling you again! 
flag Wes Rist. – Manitoba, CANADA

I would like to give some thanks to Shaun and his staff in Automobile Inspections LLC, and also to Jeff and Jamie in Buyer Services Int'l. I had cause to use the inspection service three times on different cars before I was comfortable enough to start the buying procedure. By email and phone from Sydney, Australia. I found Shaun to be invaluable in sorting any concerns and maintaining dialogue with the seller. Once I had settled on the car (a 64 Thunderbird convertible) I was more than ably assisted by Jeff and Jamie who handled negotiations on my behalf then took over the shipping of the car from Iowa to Port Sydney. Last week I finally was able to see the car at a bond store and can say that the car was as I expected it to be according to the vehicle inspection report and that I'm more than pleased with my purchase and the professional people I worked with "stateside". 
flag Pat Farrell. Australia

I want to thank you for the recent inspection report you did for me on a 1971 Chevy-Corvette. With this car one thousand miles from my home, I really needed a comprehensive report with pictures. I called your competition which was half the price and was told that the person I needed to talk to was unavailable at the time and would call me back. Well after a hour and a half I called back and was told the person had left for the day. I called Automobile Inspections LLC, and found you really professional. You got right on the job and within forty-eight hours I had the most comprehensive report and pictures I have ever seen. I would have never made a decision without this report. I will use them again in the future for sure. Thanks again! 
flag Bill Scull – South Carolina, USA

Thank you so much for the inspection services that Automobile Inspections LLC provided for our television shows, "Classic Car Restoration" and "Classic Rides". The fees were well worth it as you found some major problems with a 1937 Packard 120 that we were considering for purchase. Without your expertise and thorough inspection we would have entered into a project that would have cost us many thousands of dollars, not to mention the headaches! Thank you too for the successful inspection and eventual purchase of another vehicle. We will encourage all of our viewers to hire Automobile Inspections LLC before purchasing a car, and in particular, a restoration project or collector car; and, most importantly, to heed the advice of such experts. I am looking forward to working with you on future projects! My best. 
flag Melissa Cross, (RIVR Media Producer), "Classic Car Restoration" and "Classic Rides" – Tennessee, USA

Thank-you for your quick and timely response to my request to inspect the 1960 Pontiac. I was treated very professionally and with courtesy. I feel that your report is very complete and thorough which offers much needed information. I am very happy that I chose your company to perform the inspection. I was very close to purchasing this vehicle, sight unseen, until a friend of mine suggested I contact you first. If I would have bought this car without the inspection, I would have been very disappointed. Your report detailed problems that I would have surely missed and saved me tons of heartache, not to mention my marriage! You and your staff are worth every penny as far as I am concerned. I would very gladly recommend your service to others. Thank-you again and keep up the good work! Very truly yours,  
flag Anthony Spiteri – California, USA

These guys went beyond the agreement to satisfy my need. I had them check out my '69 MACH 1 428-COBRA JET MUSTANG that I was trying to purchase from Colorado. They went through in great detail, all that I would have myself had I been doing the inspection. In fact, more so! If you are looking to purchase a car, don't settle for your own inspection. Let the professionals handle it. And these guys are the best!!!! Most Satisfied Customer. 
flag James W. Bryant - South Carolina, USA

Guys thanks for all the assistance in procuring, delivering and importing my 2003 Porsche C4S, the experience was awesome! From Jeff's initial advice and guidance; to Shaun's arrangement of the inspection, report and pictures; to Jamie's full support of the correspondence and documentation, the process could not have went smoother. As you all were aware I was very concerned with making a major purchase a full continent away.. the potential for disaster was huge. Your team mitigated the risks, not only of a major disappointment, but also a significant loss of money. The timeliness of the process and the professionalism were exceptional, as was the prompt replies to all of my inquires (and insecurities) Thank you! 
flag Ron and Jocelyne Campbell - Ontario CANADA

Thank you very much for the services rendered. I would have made a mistake in paying a high retail price for a car that is worth below low retail price. The inspection report was very thorough and comprehensive. Your quick response to my further inquiries regarding the car and report is much appreciated. You and your company went above and beyond the call of duty on this one. Well worth the price of your services. It's comforting to know that because of a service like yours I can look at cars on the West Coast while living on the East Coast. Thanking you for your time and consideration in this matter; as well as, wishing you continued success in this endeavor, I am, Very truly yours, Jim Malone PS: I'll let you guys know when I find another car of this make and model so you can give it the go through again on my behalf. 
flag Jim Malone – New York, USA

I would like to offer our appreciation for your services in our search for a return to the 60's. My wife, Rebecca, started internet surfing about a month ago for her dream car (1967 Mustang fastback "S" code). When she found it she was disappointed that it was so far away (San Antonio - we're in Phoenix). She didn't want to risk the airfare to go see something she wouldn't like and she didn't know any mechanics in the San Antonio area even if she did. The seller's pictures just were not enough to give us a complete understanding of the car's condition. Then we noticed your ad for inspection services and the problem was solved. We were amazed that within 3 days you could have a complete report on the cosmetics and the general mechanical condition of the car. Based on the report we bought the car. You guys even helped us figure out what a fair price would be. Then the problem was how to get it to Phoenix -- the inspector had said that it ran OK but didn't give it extremely high marks so we were afraid to drive it all the way home. You folks stepped in again with the solution on how to handle the money exchange side and the transportation side of getting the newest member of our fleet home. If I had any complaints it would be about us not you. We wanted to read the report on the car in the very best possible light because we had already fallen in love with how she looked. When we went back to the report after the car arrived we found out that it was in exactly the condition the report described. She's in the shop right now getting the things listed in the report as "borderline" improved to the like new she deserves. Thanks for your help in making all this happen. I would recommend your service and integrity to anyone in need of a professional evaluation of a remote vehicle. Sincerely. 
flag Greg McClain – Arizona, USA

Your company did an inspection for me on a 1963 Mercury Comet in Louisville, KY. After reviewing your report, I decided to purchase the car, so I went to Kentucky and brought the car home. The car is everything your inspector said it was and more! I've had it appraised for insurance purposes and it's been appraised at $3300 more than I paid for it. I was looking for a 1963 Falcon Convertible when I found this car, I'm so glad I did as Comets are rare (at least in this area) When I drive it I get lots of 'Thumbs up" I have taken it to a cruzin' night once and I had so many people coming up and telling me they love it and that they can't believe I bought it from the original owner! As you can tell I'm thrilled! Thanks again and please pass my appreciation along to your field operative in Kentucky. 
flag Bob Bryan – Delaware, USA

I want to personally thank you for the professional job your business does of inspecting automobiles. We were thoroughly impressed with the 7 page report we received - it covered every part of the car that should be looked at. The owner of the Corvette (who's vehicle was the one I had inspected) was totally impressed by the knowledge and the time spent checking everything out. In a statement to me he said he learned more about his car during the 4 hour inspection than in the 3 years he'd owned it! Thank you. 
flag Randy Kahl -Minnesota, USA