For more than 25 years Automobile Inspections, LLC has been providing basic and helpful information to facilitate the purchase of motor vehicles. While we always do our best to get our customers plenty of useful information, our 'condition reports' are not warranties, or a guarantee of the fitness of any vehicle, for any purpose, or that every issues with the vehicle has been identified. They merely represent what the inspector observed during the time he spent with the vehicle. Automobiles are used mechanical devices, with components that can fail at any time. The purchaser shall be solely responsible for ultimately determining the adequacy of the vehicle he/she wishes to purchase, for any, and all of the uses for which the purchaser intends to use it.

Use of the service provided herein should be done only with the expressed understanding by purchaser that Automobile Inspections, LLC offers no warranties, and shall only be the supplier of relevant information with regard to a particular vehicle. This information is supplied to supplement information and resources present to the purchaser. The purchaser should use due diligence and not rely solely on the condition report when making the decision as to whether or not to purchase a particular vehicle.


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