Used Car & Truck Inspection

Get A Quality Used Truck & Used Car Inspection Report!

We are pleased to be able to offer TWO DIFFERENT used car inspection reports for buyers. Firstly, we have our BASIC report. It is a three-page report that comes with 48 photographs showing all angles of the vehicle. The inspector will travel up to 15 miles from his office and will spend approximately 30-40 minutes with the vehicle. We will be looking for the MAJOR issues like accident damage, evidence of post-factory paintwork. The condition of the interior and underside. The main electronic components will be checked like the lights, instruments, radio, navigation, HVAC etc. as well as the on-board diagnostics. With the sellers permission, the car will be taken out for a brief road test to see if we note any issues from the driveline, steering, brakes or suspension on the road. This BASIC report is best suited for late model, low-mileage (under 60,000 miles) used cars and trucks less than 5-years old, including lease swaps and turn-ins, but could work for slightly older low-mileage vehicles too if they are really clean.

Our second used car inspection is our FULL report. It is a six-page report that typically comes with over 125 photos. It covers everything mentioned above and more. The inspector will travel up to 25 miles from his office and will spend approximately 1.5 HOURS with the vehicle! This gives him much more time thoroughly inspect, investigate and document any issues he finds. Of course the underside will be checked and a road test performed with the sellers permission. We realize the value of a used car is derived from condition, mileage, options and service history. Seemingly insignificant items can be VERY expensive to repair (especially on high-end luxury and imported cars). So, in addition to looking for accident and flood damage, in our FULL used car inspection, we spend more time to check for signs of corrosion along with the paint and trim condition. We check the interior, instrumentation and electronics and gadgets. We believe it's crucial to check the underside and get every vehicle out for a test-drive. How else can the engine, transmission, transfer case, brakes, steering, suspension and instrumentation be properly checked? The FULL used car inspection is best suited for USED cars up to 25 yeas old, or newer high-mileage examples where you need the inspector to have more time to thoroughly examine the vehicle.

Both the BASIC and the FULL USED CAR INSPECTIONS can also include an optional OPINION OF VALUE or a full WRITTEN USED CAR APPRAISAL for an additional charge.