MotorCycle Report Sample

2008 Harley Davidson FLSTF

Engine #:
Paint Color:
Blue / Black  
Trim Color:
Seller Information
Fort Myers, FL XXXXxX
Number of Cylinders:
Color of Tank/Fenders:
Color of Seat:
Look at ALL painted surfaces
Condition of Paint
Good Fair Poor Chipped / Scratched
Mark all that apply
If Chipped / Scratched / Damaged, Where is it located?
Front Fender Rear Fender Gas Tank Fairing
Luggage Other
Any visible signs of a decal, pinstripe or transfer damage:
None SeenYesNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
Look at the UNDERNEATH of the foot pegs, frame, exhausts, as well as on the engine guard and ends of the grips and levers for scrapes or scuffed parts.
If there are any visible signs of accident damage, PHOTOGRAPH and mark where:
Foot Pegs Exhaust Frame/Engine Guard Grips/Levers
Luggage Other None Seen
Front Fender Rear Shocks Forks Exhaust Pipes
Rear Fender Engine - Cases Handlebars/Mirrors Rear Sprocket
Gas Tank Transmission Front Wheel/Brake Rear Rack
Oil Tank Frame Rear Wheel/Brake Other
None Seen
Overall condition of the chrome/aluminum/anodized metal:
Good Fair Poor
Polishing required?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
Are any parts damaged or dented?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
Are any parts pitted/rusted?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
(Lenses, Fairings, Mirrors etc.)
What overall condition is the glass in?
Is the glass ...
What condition is the seat cover in?
Does the cover seem to ...
Fit WellRips or TearsStitching Coming Apart
(With Engine Off)
Is the top, sides and base of the motor ...
CleanSomewhat DirtyVery Dirty
Check battery box
Are there any wires or electrical cables loose, cracked, brittle or frayed?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
Is there oil visible anywhere on the engine?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
Is there any oil visible on the ground beneath the bike?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
If the ignition is not locked, you should be able to test all electrics and start the motorcycle. Simply turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
Is the ignition locked?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
Does the contact have the Key & Security Fob?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
Is the battery dead?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
If the bike has a fork lock, does it look damaged or forced?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
Do ALL the switches and gauges appear to work correctly?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
Check any of the switches and gauges that DO NOT WORK PROPERLY
Turn-Signals Parking/Side Lights Headlight Hi-beam Headlight Lo-beam
Instrument Lights Brake Light Rear/Tail Light License Plate Light
Horn Stereo Other
SHOOT A SHORT VIDEO: Have the Owner/Contact sit on the motorcycle and start the engine. Let the video capture the bike starting, the engine being revved a couple of times, video any smoke coming from the exhaust. Ask the owner/contact to ride the bike up and down the street in front of you so you can observe and listen. (This whole video should only be 45-60 seconds).
Are you able to witness the bike being started and test-ridden?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
What type of wheels are on the bike?
What overall condition are they in?
If Wires, are there any spokes missing or damaged?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
If Chrome, are they rusted?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
If Alloys, do they require polishing?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
If Painted, is the finish chipped/scuffed?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
Take a depth gauge to the most worn part of the tread and get a reading for each tire
Front Tire
130/90 - 16 67 H
Tread Depth (in 32nds)
Rear Tire
Harley Davidson
130/90 - 16 67 H
Tread Depth (in 32nds)
Other Tire (if applicable)
Tread Depth (in 32nds)
Are any of the tires
Check the title for authenticity and proof of ownership
Is the title ...
If a title was not available, did you see an official ...
Certificate of RegistrationBill of Sale
Does the VIN on the bike frame match the title or registration certificate?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
Are there any receipts, service records etc. to look at?
YesNoNot CheckedSee NotesN/A
Enter any comments here:
Overall the bike is in 'FAIR' condition. It fired right up and seemed to go down the road without issues. Some TLC would go a long way to bring this back to life.